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Mainline Services

Mainline Services, LLC is a woman-owned and highly-certified minority company providing real estate management, construction rehabilation project management, overall general day to day maintenance services and  workforce development programs to youth and young adults for the low-income and under-served community. The workforce target audience is female and male workers of all ages affected by the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a lack of Job readiness skills, family income stability, and a lack of economic transition. 


  • Mainline Services, LLC has lauched a Youth Navigating Upwards (Y.N.U) program to be able to serve as an outlet for the youth. Our goal is to be able to provide different programs that will help empower our youth to succeed physically, academically and emotionally.

Youth Navigating Upwards..........Y Not U??

Start with you! You be the Change YOU want to see!

Closing Learning & Socializing Gaps!

Which Programs are for YOU!! 

1. Y.O.U (Your Organic Upgrade) to Physical HEALTH

2. Y.O.U (Your Own Universe) creating better Mental Health & Wellness

3. Y.O.U (Your Opportunities Unlimited) to Financial Stability

4. Y.O.U (You R Originally Unique) Arts & Cultural Clinics

5. Y.O.U (Your Obtainable University) STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

6. Y.O.U (Your Occupational Understanding) Job Readiness

7. Y.O.U (Your Optimism United) Fostering Healthy Relationships 

You can donate to any of the Youth Navigating Upwards Programs

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